Whitchurch WI Group Hoists the Jolly Roger

The Whitchurch Evening Women’s Institute launched their 2016 season of monthly meetings on Tuesday 19th January with a pirate themed night of talks, games and activities.

Led by Pirate Attack’s Captain Rocky Cliff, members enjoyed a short illustrated history of pirates and piracy and a pirate quiz. Everyone was press-ganged into separate pirate crews and given their own personalised name, including ‘Scurvy Ballbreaker’, ‘Buccaneering Bess’ and Cannonball Kate’. The winning crew’s ‘reward’ was to walk the plank but worse was to follow as the WI group’s president was placed in the pillory!

Barbara Jones of the WI, who arranged the event, commented:

“What a great start to the year for Whitchurch Evening WI. We had been recommended to have Feisal (Captain Rocky Cliff) to our meeting and we were not disappointed. We have never had anyone stagger in the door with so much equipment. Our hall was decorated with pirate flags the size of curtains and he then proceeded to add other decorations. Feisal himself looked the part with long black locks hanging from his hat, brown jacket, etc. If it had been a light evening passers-by would have wondered who this character was from a previous era coming into the building. Lots of hilarity as we were given pirate names, none of them really flattering.

We really had to concentrate during the talk as we knew there was to be a quiz afterwards. Well the members from the winning group ended up playing quoits and, guess what the loser had to do,- walk the plank blindfolded. Yes, she had to be careful not to fall in the sea lapping on either side or get eaten by a hungry shark. If that was not enough of a laugh our President suffered the indignity of being put in the stocks where appropriate photos were taken to put in our WI scrapbook. Thank you Feisal and we did enjoy your visit.”

Pirate Attack, based in south Bristol, provide pirate themed entertainment for adult groups, schools and children’s parties throughout the west of England.


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