The Truth about Pirates

On Friday 6th November, Pirate Attack was invited by Historic England to deliver a talk on the history and evidence for pirates, with particular reference to the port of Bristol.

Silver candlesticks presented by Captain Woodes Rogers to Bristol Cathedral

Silver candlesticks presented by Captain Woodes Rogers to Bristol Cathedral

The talk was part of project designed by Historic England to help teachers and heritage specialists to work together to unlock the stories of historic places, enabling children to be better connected to the past, a key objective in the current National Curriculum.

Pirate Attack’s Feisal Khalif presented a detailed history of pirates and piracy in the Bristol area, and also explained how this history helped create the popular image of pirates today. Feisal showed how actual, documented events, people and places inspired books such as ‘Robinson Crusoe’ and ‘Treasure Island’ and films such as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

Michael Gorely, South West Local Heritage Education Manager for Historic England, commented:

“Feisal Khalif informed and entertained the teachers from the Heritage Schools Programme in Bristol, with a talk that explored the link between Bristol and Pirates in myth and reality. His depth of knowledge, based on extensive research gave a fascinating insight into how the myths developed as well as where the elements of truth lay.”

The talk took place at the site of Brunel’s ss Great Britain on Bristol Harbourside and was part of a programme that included an open top bus tour of Bristol and a session on skills and resources for teaching chronology.


Pirate Attack, based in Bristol, provide pirate-themed entertainment, games and talks throughout the West of England for groups & associations, schools and children’s parties. For further information:

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