Ten Reasons Pirates Have More Fun Than You Do


A short and merry life it may be but you won’t be bored. No stress, no taxes, no rules. Timeservers and wimps need not apply!


Pirates invented the concept of the cruise ship holiday! From anything-goes stag trips to the most exclusive island retreats they pioneered all-inclusive trips to exotic destinations across the seven seas.


You’ll never want for an adrenalin rush sailing under the Jolly Roger. Storms, shipwrecks and plenty of swashbuckling guaranteed.


With your wanted poster decorating every port in the world and tales of your dastardly deeds retold on film, on stage and in books your place in history is assured.


The odds of winning a fortune will increase dramatically under the Black Flag. Why buy a lottery ticket when you can simply make your own luck with a pistol in one hand and a cutlass in the other?


Whether battling the elements, grappling with the enemy or carousing in the inns and taverns you’ll never be short of mates. And with all that gold in your pockets you’ll have fans queuing up dockside and on Facebook!


Let’s be honest, pirates know what to do with their down time. Cue lively jigs to the sound of the fiddle, lashings of rum and a generous amount of total debauchery.


Whether you prefer that marooned for many years look, a tooled up ready for battle vibe or an aristocratic ruff-heavy ensemble you’ll feel just great. Why not accessorize with hook, eyepatch and parrot?


Admittedly, the worm-ridden biscuits and lack of water on board can be annoying but you’ll more than make up for it after you’ve robbed a ship or three. Prepare for non-stop feasts and barbecues with all the rum punch you can drink.


Every girl loves a bad boy – especially one with gold earrings and plenty of booty. But just like the life of a pirate the affair is likely to be fast, furious and no-strings attached. Girls get their pick of the crew although dressing up as a man is obligatory if you want to continue your affair on the high seas!

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