Pirates for Schools

A new service offering Pirate themed talks and entertainment for schools has been introduced for primary schools in the West of England. Developed by south Bristol-based Pirate Attack the range of games, activities and interactive presentations are ideal for schools running ‘Pirate Day’ events or wanting additional support for curriculum work in the classroom.

Ann BonneyAs well as offering lively, hands-on presentations on the history and evidence for pirates through the ages, delivered by a costumed ‘pirate’, schools can also select other options including ‘walking the plank’, games such as cannonballs, quoits and skittles, as well as a treasure hunt and even a pirate pillory/stocks. In addition, every child is given their own pirate name.

Commenting on the new service, Jess Higgins, reception class teacher from Brockworth Primary Academy in Gloucester, said  ”the children loved all of the activities that were on offer, all of which were quick, well paced, well structured and well explained. A great experience which I would recommend to others.”

Mrs Watts, Year 2 Teacher from St Anne’s Infants’ School Bristol, commented  ”The mixture of a factual yet engaging morning leading into pirate games and and more adventurous activites gave them a real feel for what life would’ve been like as a pirate.  Thankyou for making our Pirate Day such a huge success. The children have not stopped talking about it, especially the ‘‘walking the plank’ and ‘pillory’.

Assistant head teacher at Bannerman Road Community Academy and Children’s Centre commented ““We booked the Pirate Attack experience for our key stage 1 children as a reward event. They had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed every part of their afternoon. There were some very tired but very happy faces by the end of the 2 hours. From a school perspective Feisal is professional, organised and comes highly recommended”

For details on how to book the Pirate Attack Experience for your school telephone 0117 939 4311 or email



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