Pirate Days for Schools

From Blackbeard to Treasure Island

A new pirate-themed programme for primary schools has been unveiled by Bristol-based Pirate Attack. Designed to introduce children in years 1 and 2 to the topic of ‘pirates’, it is a light-hearted mix of educational talk, games and activities and entertainment.

pirate standee cutoutSchools can book either a half day programme (£175) of a full day (£250). Pirate Attack provides a costumed pirate and all the props and resources required. Included is an interactive educational talk about the history and evidence for pirates, a ‘walk the plank’ activity, games of skittles and deck quoits, story-telling and a treasure hunt.

The emphasis is on engaging all the children and each child is given a sticker with their own personal pirate name. Pirate Attack will also decorate the hall or classroom with large pirate flags and other pirate-themed props.

The mixture of a factual yet engaging morning leading into pirate games and more adventurous activities gave them a real feel for what life would’ve been like as a pirate. We will certainly be contacting you next year with a new group of pirates to work with!  Mrs Watts, Year 2 Teacher, St Anne’s Infants’ School, Bristol.

I was really impressed with the level of organisation leading up to the workshop. The children and staff absolutely loved everything about the day and were so excited when they saw a real pirate in school! Thank you for everything, we will definitely be looking to book you again in the future.
Rachel Burnside, Assistant Headteacher, Joseph Cash Primary School, Coventry

Pirate Attack staff are DBS compliant and carry Public Liability Insurance.

To book Pirate Attack for your school send an email to or telephone 0117 939 4311.

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