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Pirate Games for Kids

There’s nothing like the thrill and pleasure of playing real games with a pirate theme. Great for kids, who will be energized and excited by the activities, but also great for parents who want their offspring to be doing something a little more active and healthy than sitting in front of a screen all day. The following games are ideal for kids aged 4-9 year-olds but can easily be adapted to suit older or younger ones.

Walk The Plank
Place a piece of wooden board or plank directly on the floor or on supports (such as bricks) just above. Position underneath a sheet of blue- coloured tarpaulin, or similar, to represent the sea. Award prizes to those who can “walk the plank” forwards, backwards, or sideways without falling into the water. Make older kids wear an eye patch or blindfold.

Cannonball Run
Tie an inflated black balloon (cannonball) to each kid’s ankle. The kids have to try to “explode” the other pirates’ cannonballs without having their own popped. Water balloons can also be used. This party game is simple, silly, and a true child-pleaser.

Target Treasure
Set up a series of treasure chests, wooden boxes, or baskets at different distances and give each a point value. Line the little pirates up and hand each a set number of plastic gold coins. The goal to the game is to get as many points as possible by throwing the coins into the containers.

Dig for Treasure
Stock up on gold coins, jewels, and other pirate booty. Hide the treasure in a sandbox or sand-filled containers and let your little pirates loose! You can judge by fastest time wins, most booty wins, or first child to find a special coin wins.

Pirate Ship Attack
Mark two ships on the ground out of tape. Divide the pirates into two teams and give each team plenty of “cannonballs”. Use rolled-up newspaper or soft play balls. The aim is to get as many cannonballs as possible onto the opposing pirate ship before time runs out. Pirates can throw back any cannonballs that land on their ship.

Pass the Cannonball
A fun pirate party game! Children tuck in the cannonball (a tennis ball or similar) under their chin and shoulder, race to their teammate, and pass the cannonball to them without using their hands. If the ball is dropped, it can be put back into place using hands.

Treasure Hunt
No pirate party would be complete without a treasure hunt! It can be done with small or large groups, inside or outside. Clues to the treasure can be written, drawn, or photographed. Try making them out of cardboard puzzle shapes. Each clue is single piece but when put together, a treasure map emerges on the other side. Clues can be simple or complex depending on the ages of your pirates. Of course, the final clue to lead to a treasure chest full of goodies.

X Marks the Spot
Here’s a pirate twist on the traditional “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” party game. Make or purchase a large map and add an “X” to mark the treasure spot. Blindfold your pirates, spin them around, and have them attempt to place a treasure chest sticker on the X. The closest treasure chest wins a prize.


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