Parties and Costumes

There’s no better place in which to release your inner pirate than at a themed party. Fantastic costumes, lively music, a few props, great company, plenty of yo ho ho and a little (or lot) of what you fancy. It’s a great way to shed your inhibitions and carouse late into the night with like-minded roisterers. All you need to do is a little planning…

Planning a pirate party

  • Design invitations in the form of a treasure map or a message in a bottle
  • Ask guests to wear pirate costumes and offer a prize for the best outfit
  • Dress the venue with nets, barrels, treasure chests, posters & flags
  • Use subdued lighting and black out windows where necessary
  • Play pirate themed music, sea shanties and provide sound effects
  • Play pirate themed games and organise a treasure hunt


You’ll find that most fancy-dress stores sell from the same, limited range of outfits. These are fine, particularly for a one-off event. However, it’s worth investing a little more effort in tracking down higher quality clothing. This can be done from a variety of sources such as vintage and second hand stores. To really impress you could make your own outfits or ask a local dress maker or theatrical costumier to run one up for you.

There are substantial differences in style and interpretation when it comes to choosing what kind of look to go for. Hire shops tend to offer either a classic look, as pictured here, costumes styled on tthe ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies, a buccaneering vibe or outfits that are more than a little risque. What you need to remember is that there is very little evidence as to what pirates from the so-called ‘Golden Age of Piracy’ actually wore. So use your imagination and wear something tailored to your own emerging pirate personality!


Search the Seven Seas

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