Hiring Your Local Hall For A Children’s Party

It’s that time of year again and you’re scratching your head wondering what to do for your little ones next birthday party. The options are much the same for all of us: do it all ourselves and have the party at home, risk a picnic in a local park, leave it up to someone else and book a dedicated party venue or activity or not have a party at all.

It’s unlikely you’ll want or need to go for that last option, particularly if your child is over two and under ten. Better to embrace it. You’ll find by being positive and a little creative you can have a party that’s enjoyable, stress free and memorable. And it will be affordable. Because there’s one further alternative: hire a suitable room or venue and organise the party yourself.

Ten reasons why you should hire your local hall

  • You get to pick the most suitable venue for your child and their friends
  • You retain control over the planning and organisation – it’s your party!
  • You can combine birthday parties and invite more children at minimal extra cost
  • There‘s no mess or breakages to your own home
  • It’s less corporate and a more personal experience for both your child and you
  • Venues such as church and community halls can be hired from as little as £10 per hour
  • Most venues provide a kitchen, toilets, heating and power as part of the hire,
  • There’s more space for a wider range of entertainment and physical games
  • You’re usually covered by Public Liability Insurance carried by the venue and/or entertainment
  • You’re supporting a non-profit local community venue

Click here for a Selection of Indoor Venues in and around Bristol and Bath. Please note, this is a small selection only of those I have viewed or used. There are hundreds of excellent and affordable venues throughout Avon. The best way to find your local community hall is to check the lists provided by the relevant local authority or parish council. For example, click here for Bristol City Council’s register of community halls.

Top tip: Plan well ahead as many halls can get booked up many months in advance!

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