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Pirate Attack Workshops in School Newsletters and Social Media

DSC_3675Pirate Attack, featuring Captain Rocky Cliff, are enjoying yet another record year delivering Pirate themed workshops for primary school children across England and Wales in 2019.

If you ever wondered what a Pirate Attack workshop might look like and if it would be suitable for your school, you can check out the pictures and descriptions included in some of the host schools’ own newsletters and social media.

School Twitter, 2, 3, Overmonnow Primary School, Monmouth, 16 May, 2019

School website, Bolney Primary School, West Sussex, 24 April, 2019

School Twitter, Marlborough Primary School, Cardiff, 4 March, 2019

School newsletter, Park Mead Primary School, Cranleigh, Surrey, 4 February, 2019

School website, Fleet Primary School, Surrey, 8 January, 2019

School website, GEMS Didcot Primary Academy, Oxfordshire, 5 December, 2018

Newsletter, Lionel Primary School, Brentford, Middlesex, 30 November, 2018

School website, Bayton Primary School, Worcestershire, 16 October, 2018

Newsletter, Christ Church Infant School, Downend, Bristol, 10 September, 2018

Newsletter, Fair Oak Infant School, Eastleigh, Hampshire, 7 September, 2018

Twitter, Foremarke Hall, Repton, Derbyshire, 5 September, 2018

Newsletter, Winnersh, Primary School, Nr. Reading, 15 June, 2018

Twitter, St Peter’s CofE Primary School, Bristol, 8 June 2018

Newsletter, King’s Cliffe Endowed Primary School, Peterborough, 5 June, 2018

The Topsham School, Exeter, see their newsletter dated 17 May, 2018

Ladysmith Infant School, Exeter, see their Twitter page dated 22 April, 2018

Clifton High School, Bristol, see their Facebook page dated 20 March, 2018

Marlborough Primary School, Cardiff see their Twitter page dated 5 March, 2018

Raunds Park Infant School, Wellingborough, see their class Twitter page dated 21 February, 2018

Repton Preparatory School, Derbyshire, click on the school website here. For Robin Hood Academy, Birmingham click here. For Shears Green Primary School, Kent click here. For Bishop Road Primary School, Bristol click here.

For further information about booking a Pirate Attack workshop, go to our schools’ page or telephone 0117 939 4311.




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Pirate Workshops for Primary and Infant Schools in 2018

If you’re a reception, year 1 or year 2 Primary teacher in England or Wales looking for a fully costumed pirate to deliver an exciting, educational and interactive workshop in your school this year then why not make Bristol-based Pirate Attack your first port-of-call.

The Grange SchoolDesigned to complement and add the ‘wow’ factor to topics related to pirates a Pirate Attack workshop uses a mix of talks, games, storytelling and hands on activities to engage the whole class. You can book a half or full day of workshops for up to four classes.

Each workshop begins with an entertaining talk about the history of pirates, followed by an opportunity for the children to ‘walk the plank, play games of skittles and deck quoits, enjoy tales about pirates and finally search for pirate treasure.

Pirate Attack’s costumed pirate brings everything required for the workshops including extra-large pirate flags for decoration and various other pirate-themed props. Teachers can take photographs of the children in our specially designed pirate ‘standee’ and each child will be given their own unique pirate name.

Here’s some recent feedback about our workshops:

Fully inspirational day for our staff and children
Captain Rocky Cliff had both the children and staff totally enthralled
The children haven’t stopped talking about it
The children loved it, and it was a brilliant start to our topic
A perfect balance between learning and fun

Pirate Attack’s 2018 schools’ workshop programme began in Bristol on the 3rd January and was quickly followed by visits to schools in Hampshire, Kent and Surrey.

If you would like to find out more about Pirate Attack workshops or to check availability please email or telephone 0117 939 4311.

For further details and testimonials go to Pirate Attack/schools

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A Record Year for Pirate Workshops for Schools

Captain Rocky Cliff of Bristol-based Pirate Attack has so far this year delivered pirate-themed workshops to over 30 primary schools in England and Wales. The pirate workshops have proved so popular many schools have immediately rebooked for next year.

Here are just some of the comments from teachers:

Captain Rocky Cliff had both the children and staff totally enthralled

It was a great “wow” moment for our ‘Under the Sea’ and ‘Pirates’ topics

We all had a fantastic day and the children absolutely loved building their understanding of Pirates and the brilliant activities which you had planned for the day

The children loved it, and it was a brilliant start to our topic

The children learnt lots, were having such fun and we have had some great comments about Captain Rocky Cliff since!

For a list of schools and testimonials, click here

DSC_3675Towns and cities visited include Worcester, Gravesend, Colchester, Abergavenny, Hemel Hempstead, Oxford, Cirencester, Winchester, Birmingham, Walsall, Coventry and Bristol. Schools covered have featured local authority, academy and privately run institutions.

The sessions are tailored to suit children in reception, year one and year two classes. Games and activities include walk the plank, skittles, quoits, storytelling and a treasure hunt. Everything needed is provided by Pirate Attack, including large pirate flags for decoration and various other props.

The pirate presentation or talk as well as providing a colourful overview of the history of pirates encourages the children to understand the difference between what is true about pirates and what has been made up for popular entertainment.

For further information about booking a pirate workshop click here , email or telephone 0117 939 4311

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Pirate Attack School Workshops Go Nationwide

Following last year’s launch of pirate themed workshops for primary schools Bristol-based Pirate Attack are busy entertaining schoolchildren across England and Wales in 2017.

Rocky5This year’s schedule began in January with a visit to Mill Pond Primary School in Bristol, ‘an amazing morning’ according to Year 2 teacher Eira Coles.

The latest stop in a nationwide tour was earlier this week at Stanley Road Primary School in Worcester. Year 2 teacher Abigail Taylor commented “I can’t begin to explain how impressed we were with the day. Captain Rocky Cliff had both the children and staff totally enthralled and the attention to detail, such as the pirate names and treasure hunt, were wonderful. There was the perfect balance between learning and fun and the whole school was buzzing with excitement that a real pirate had come to visit. We all had a fantastic day.”

The next few weeks see Pirate Attack workshops visiting Kent, Northamptonshire, Essex, Gloucestershire, Berkshire, South Wales, Oxfordshire and Hampshire. Activities include storytelling, walk the plank, skittles, quoits, a treasure hunt and much, much more.

If you would like to find out more about hiring Pirate Attack to deliver pirate themed workshops at your school go to


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Pirate Attack at Repton Preparatory School

One of England’s most prestigious independent schools – Foremarke Hall Repton Preparatory School in South Derbyshire – provided the venue last week for Captain Rocky Cliff’s latest pirate themed workshop.

Rocky5Year One teacher Melanie Owen commented ‘We may be a long way from the sea but this didn’t stop a real pirate coming to Foremarke Hall on Wednesday to spend the day with the Year One children. To launch our Creative Curriculum topic this term, “Galleons and Rockets”, Pirate Rocky Cliff spent the morning telling us fascinating facts about real life pirates. For instance, did you know that pirates never made prisoners walk the plank? Or that they never buried their treasure? We learnt how to play pirate games such as quoits and skittles and even had a go at walking the plank blindfolded across shark infested water!

After a hearty lunch each child was given their very own pirate name, such as “One Eyed Annie” before undertaking the challenge of locating the hidden treasure. By finding various objects and then reading the clues the “loot” was finally tracked down in Pre-Prep and much enjoyment was had to discover that pirates bury sweets and chocolate!

The afternoon ended with a very brave pirate Rocky Cliff being placed in the pillory and having wet sponges thrown at him. Each child also made essential pirate attire, such as a cutlass and pirate hat.

A huge thank you to Pirate Rocky Cliff from  and to all the parents for the fabulous pirate costumes that the children wore. It was a fantastic day and we have no doubt that the “little pirates” slept very well in their hammocks afterwards!’

Pirate Attack’s Captain Rocky Cliff will be returning to Repton next year. Ooh Arrr!

For pictures click on the school’s own website here.

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Captain Rocky Cliff Sent to Coventry

Leading the Pirate Attack experience to all parts of the country Captain Rocky Cliff has finally been sent to Coventry. The call came from the Joseph Cash Primary School, one of the West Midland city’s most popular schools, where all the year two classes were planning a pirate day at the end of the summer term.

Rocky5Rocky Cliff led the children through a fun-filled day of piratical games and activities, especially delighting the children when he put their own teachers in the pirate pillory. They learned about real pirates and those invented for books and films. Games included skittles and quoits, walk the plank and a treasure hunt.

Rachel Burnside, assistant head teacher, said “I was really impressed with the level of organisation leading up to the workshop. The children and staff absolutely loved everything about the day and were so excited when they saw a real pirate in school!”

Ben Clarke, Year 2 teacher, commented: “We had an amazing day in year 2 learning all about pirates and playing pirate games. Captain Rocky Cliff was brilliant with the kids, engaging, funny and clear. The pirate history was so interesting I think the adults learned something! After the pirate history we walked the plank, played pirate games and found some treasure! Captain Cliff had decorated the hall very nicely and had lots of props to look at. I couldn’t recommend him enough for a pirate learning day at a school.”

Captain Rocky Cliff from Pirate Attack has been visiting towns and cities across the country since launching a schools’ workshop programme earlier this year.

For further information about these workshops, which are designed as a high impact introduction to Pirates as a topic or an entertaining finale, go to our schools’ page.


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Pirate Days for Schools

From Blackbeard to Treasure Island

A new pirate-themed programme for primary schools has been unveiled by Bristol-based Pirate Attack. Designed to introduce children in years 1 and 2 to the topic of ‘pirates’, it is a light-hearted mix of educational talk, games and activities and entertainment.

pirate standee cutoutSchools can book either a half day programme (£175) of a full day (£250). Pirate Attack provides a costumed pirate and all the props and resources required. Included is an interactive educational talk about the history and evidence for pirates, a ‘walk the plank’ activity, games of skittles and deck quoits, story-telling and a treasure hunt.

The emphasis is on engaging all the children and each child is given a sticker with their own personal pirate name. Pirate Attack will also decorate the hall or classroom with large pirate flags and other pirate-themed props.

The mixture of a factual yet engaging morning leading into pirate games and more adventurous activities gave them a real feel for what life would’ve been like as a pirate. We will certainly be contacting you next year with a new group of pirates to work with!  Mrs Watts, Year 2 Teacher, St Anne’s Infants’ School, Bristol.

I was really impressed with the level of organisation leading up to the workshop. The children and staff absolutely loved everything about the day and were so excited when they saw a real pirate in school! Thank you for everything, we will definitely be looking to book you again in the future.
Rachel Burnside, Assistant Headteacher, Joseph Cash Primary School, Coventry

Pirate Attack staff are DBS compliant and carry Public Liability Insurance.

To book Pirate Attack for your school send an email to or telephone 0117 939 4311.

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Whitchurch WI Group Hoists the Jolly Roger

The Whitchurch Evening Women’s Institute launched their 2016 season of monthly meetings on Tuesday 19th January with a pirate themed night of talks, games and activities.

Led by Pirate Attack’s Captain Rocky Cliff, members enjoyed a short illustrated history of pirates and piracy and a pirate quiz. Everyone was press-ganged into separate pirate crews and given their own personalised name, including ‘Scurvy Ballbreaker’, ‘Buccaneering Bess’ and Cannonball Kate’. The winning crew’s ‘reward’ was to walk the plank but worse was to follow as the WI group’s president was placed in the pillory!

Barbara Jones of the WI, who arranged the event, commented:

“What a great start to the year for Whitchurch Evening WI. We had been recommended to have Feisal (Captain Rocky Cliff) to our meeting and we were not disappointed. We have never had anyone stagger in the door with so much equipment. Our hall was decorated with pirate flags the size of curtains and he then proceeded to add other decorations. Feisal himself looked the part with long black locks hanging from his hat, brown jacket, etc. If it had been a light evening passers-by would have wondered who this character was from a previous era coming into the building. Lots of hilarity as we were given pirate names, none of them really flattering.

We really had to concentrate during the talk as we knew there was to be a quiz afterwards. Well the members from the winning group ended up playing quoits and, guess what the loser had to do,- walk the plank blindfolded. Yes, she had to be careful not to fall in the sea lapping on either side or get eaten by a hungry shark. If that was not enough of a laugh our President suffered the indignity of being put in the stocks where appropriate photos were taken to put in our WI scrapbook. Thank you Feisal and we did enjoy your visit.”

Pirate Attack, based in south Bristol, provide pirate themed entertainment for adult groups, schools and children’s parties throughout the west of England.


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The Truth about Pirates

On Friday 6th November, Pirate Attack was invited by Historic England to deliver a talk on the history and evidence for pirates, with particular reference to the port of Bristol.

Silver candlesticks presented by Captain Woodes Rogers to Bristol Cathedral

Silver candlesticks presented by Captain Woodes Rogers to Bristol Cathedral

The talk was part of project designed by Historic England to help teachers and heritage specialists to work together to unlock the stories of historic places, enabling children to be better connected to the past, a key objective in the current National Curriculum.

Pirate Attack’s Feisal Khalif presented a detailed history of pirates and piracy in the Bristol area, and also explained how this history helped create the popular image of pirates today. Feisal showed how actual, documented events, people and places inspired books such as ‘Robinson Crusoe’ and ‘Treasure Island’ and films such as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

Michael Gorely, South West Local Heritage Education Manager for Historic England, commented:

“Feisal Khalif informed and entertained the teachers from the Heritage Schools Programme in Bristol, with a talk that explored the link between Bristol and Pirates in myth and reality. His depth of knowledge, based on extensive research gave a fascinating insight into how the myths developed as well as where the elements of truth lay.”

The talk took place at the site of Brunel’s ss Great Britain on Bristol Harbourside and was part of a programme that included an open top bus tour of Bristol and a session on skills and resources for teaching chronology.


Pirate Attack, based in Bristol, provide pirate-themed entertainment, games and talks throughout the West of England for groups & associations, schools and children’s parties. For further information:

Telephone 0117 939 4311

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Treasure Island Trail to Open in Bristol

After 10 years of campaigning the Bristol-based Long John Silver Trust will open the Treasure Island Trail around the city’s historic Floating Harbour at 1pm on Saturday, September 19th 2015.

backgrnd-top-2015Members of the public are invited to join The Lord Mayor of Bristol, Cllr Clare Campion-Smith and guests, outside the Merchant Venturers’ Almshouse at the Broad Quay end of King Street for the official opening.
Following the opening there will be guided walks around the trail which celebrates Bristol’s connections with Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel Treasure Island.

“Throughout our campaign we have worked with Fishponds-based special needs charity PROPS to create the trail and they will be present on the day to assist the Lord Mayor with the ribbon-cutting ceremony,” said Long John Silver Trust vice chair Mark Steeds.

The trail will be marked by eight recycled 54- gallon wine barrels from Bordeaux. Each barrel is planted with a palm tree and carries information about the trail and the relevance of the eight sites to Treasure Island – the early part of the book was set in Bristol.

The barrels will also feature selected Mervyn Peake Illustrations from the classic 1949 edition of Treasure Island. In keeping with Bristol’s Green Capital and Cycling City status the barrels will incorporate innovative double cycle stands which also act to secure them to the ground.

The opening of the Treasure Island Trail will be followed by a special screening of ‘The Pirates’ by Aardman Animation at Arnolfini at 3pm (tickets just £5 from From 5pm there will be two special piratical sailings of The Matthew from outside Arnolfini.
September 19th is also International Talk Like a Pirate Day, inspired by Robert Newton’s portrayal of Long John Silver in Disney’s 1950 adaptation of Treasure Island. Pirate dress for the day is optional.

Notes to Editor
Contact details: Vice Chairman Mark Steeds ( Richard Jones (07890 267983

For further details visit
Tickets for the showing of The Pirates are available from or on the day at Arnolfini.

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