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Feisal 3Welcome to Pirate Attack – your one stop port-of-call for pirate-themed entertainment, resources and information from England’s West Country.

Why Pirates?

Jack SparrowEver wondered why there are so many books, films, plays and musicals about pirates? Barely a month goes by without a character such as Blackbeard, Jack Sparrow, Long John Silver or Captain Hook or any other classical pirate of yore taking up residence yet again in the public consciousness? And how do we explain our continuing obsession with the ‘Golden Age of Piracy’, which lasted barely fifty years and ended over 300 years ago?

It hardly chimes with the chilling reality of modern piracy, awash with AK47s, speedboats and murder. Even more startling is our willingness to drop into the vernacular of ‘pirate talk’, an historical language of dubious provenance and an affectation most of us would normally mock as the territory of re-enactors, nerds and speakers of ‘Klingon’.

I guess the truth is we’d all love a little more fantasy and escapism in our lives. We like the idea of greater freedom, a brush with danger, the taking of risks and the shedding of our inhibitions. This is the essence of what Pirate Attack is about. Oh, and the clothes are great too!

Exciting, Creative, Energetic and Fun

pirate standee cutoutThat’s why children find pirates so compelling. It’s also why creative play built around the theme of piracy is so successful, regardless of the ebb and flow of its popularity in Hollywood.

There are few subjects that so thrillingly yet safely allow kids to escape emotionally and physically into an imagined world of action, excitement and wonder.

No IPads, no PlayStations, no slumping on the sofa glued to a screen. Instead, they’re taking part in a a dynamic, active, creative and healthy experience that instantly engages them, allowing self-expression and exploration in a safe, controlled environment.

Delivers the ‘wow’ factor for schools

The Grange SchoolChoosing pirates as a topic or as a special day for reception, year one or two classes is increasingly popular. And no wonder. It’s a theme that engages all the children, regardless of current learning ability and behavioral levels. It can both support learning across many areas of the curriculum and provide that most magical of ingredients – fun!

That’s why we work in primary schools across the country helping to stimulate our young children to find their inner pirate.

Inspirational for adult groups

WI pirate pilloryA pirate-themed event is the perfect tonic for for club and association meetings and corporate shindigs. It’s guaranteed escapism with the opportunity for quizzes,  indoor games and an opportunity to put that special someone in the pillory! Great team-building and bonding experience with laughter guaranteed.


Made in the West Country

Well, we here at Pirate Attack aim to bring you a little closer to the buccaneering spirit that surrounds those real and fictional swashbucklers. Because down here in the West Country, young or old, we’re all pirates at heart! pirates of the west country scrollFace facts. Most of the pirates you’ve ever heard of came from or sailed out of West Country ports. Check out our history pages. There’s something about this part of England, its long coastline, distance from London and general air of rebelliousness that produces so many pirates, smugglers and odd-bod non-conformists. It’s from the very same westerly region that Pirate Attack has emerged from, to provide you with all your pirating needs.

Join our Pirate Attack

We’re the experts, we’ve been there and done it, and yes, we’ve even got the (stripey) t-shirt. Feel free to explore our site where you’ll discover plenty of information and advice on pirate-related news, games, history, costumes, parties and even, blow me down, even a chance to see who’s sentenced to a stint in the pillory! Oh yes, you’ll find everything here you’ll need to join our pirate attack. So, when you’re ready, put on your eye-patch, pick up your cutlass and we’ll raise the Jolly Roger together. Ooh Arrh. Shiver me timbers!

Thank you to:

Toby Howarth, Charlie Bates, Kelvin at The Bristol Wood Project, Jess Wright, Owen Williams


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