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Welcome to Pirate Attack!

Ahoy there Internet traveller and welcome to Pirate Attack, your one stop port of call for all things pirate-related from the South West of England.

This here motley site has been put together to create a safe haven for you to dock your internet browsers and find all kinds of pirate based information and activities.

So grab hold of your cutlass and mouse and set sail around this here site to find everything you need to add a little more swash to your buckle. Shiver me timbers!

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Latest Pirate News

Pirate Attack Workshops in School Newsletters and Social Media

March 18, 2022

Following the easing of pandemic restrictions Pirate Attack, featuring Captain Rocky Cliff, are looking forward to yet another rip-roaring year delivering Pirate themed workshops for primary school children across England and Wales. If you ever wondered what a Pirate Attack workshop might look like and if it would be suitable for your school, you can Read more

Pirate Themed Primary School Workshops Available in 2021

July 17, 2021

Following a year’s hiatus, having dropped anchor in our pirate lair, Pirate Attack workshops are again available to book!